Health advice:

Yellow Fever (Important note):  Please be aware that the Benin Health Authority requires that all visitors are vaccinated against Yellow Fever and carry a proof with them during travel to Benin. Please make sure to take a vaccine prior to your trip and bring the record along with your passport during the trip.

Malaria: Make sure to contact your local pharmacy to seek advice and get appropriate prevention medicines prior to your trip.


Visa information: Travelers with an African country-issued passport do not need an entry visa for visits up to 90-day. To participants without an African passport, an online visa application can be done at

More information regarding visa applications may also be found below depending on country of residency.


List of Benin consulates and embassies:

in Africa:
Consulates - Embassies

in the Americas:
Consulates - Embassies

in Asia:
Consulates - Embassies

in Europe:
Consulates - Embassies

in the Middle-East:
Consulates - Embassies

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